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What Others are Saying

“The title says it all.  Anyone experiencing the struggle between godly desires and human limitations will find solid comfort and direction in Taking Back Ground.  This is the sort of tool I wish I’d been given when my own journey began.”
Joe Dallas
author of Desires in Conflict

“Taking Back Ground is a tool for life-change.  It is insightful, Biblical, hopeful, and practical in offering help for those who have struggled with homosexuality and gender confusion.  It offers a foundation, building materials and tools to restore life and abundant living to those who desire God’s healing touch in their lives.   The authors have lived and walked alongside many whose lives have been transformed through this time-tested material.  If you need a life-change, begin the journey with Taking Back Ground."
Jan Frank M.A. MFT
speaker and author of Door of Hope.

“A fantastic resource for anyone struggling to overcome homosexuality.  Great for both individual study and group discussion.  This workbook is highly recommended."
Bob Davies
former Executive Director of Exodus, NA
co-author of Coming Out of Homosexuality
& Someone I love is Gay.