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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About This Program

How long does this program take?

It takes a minimum of 5 days to move through a lesson (a video, questions, and 5 days of daily devotions) for 42 lessons. This means it could take over 7 months to complete. But go at your pace, there is no hurry, this is intended to be a process not a completed goal.

What if I don't want to take that long to go through a program?

You are welcome to go through our shorter program (20 weeks) designed for younger participants, which costs only $25 and free for those under 18. www.reachtruth.com

How much does it cost?

It costs $50 for an individual participant to go through the first 21 lessons. Payment for the second part (21 more lessons) is voluntary. If you are in a group, additional fees may be set by their ministry.

Do mentors need to pay?

No. Mentors 'pay' in the form of the time they will give you.

What if I cannot afford it?

Ask your mentor or a friend to sponsor you. If no options are available, you are welcome to go through our shorter program designed for younger participants, which costs only $25 and free for those under 18. www.reachtruth.com.

Do I need a mentor if I go through it as an Individual?

Yes. It's intended to be relational. You must find your own mentor.

Who qualifies as a mentor?

A friend, a pastor, a parent, or a counselor, et. They do not need to know anything about this issue, just willing to join you and support you. They should be the same gender and older then you. You are responsible for finding your own mentor and asking him or her to come to this site and read about the program and register.

I'm going to be a mentor. How will I know what to say?

As a mentor, you will have access to "Mentor Helps". In a nutshell, we mentor the mentor. For every question asked, we will give you some pointers or give you some understanding on how to respond to your participant. You will learn a ton too about yourself and your friend.

Who sees my entries?

Nobody gets to see what you write except your mentor. The staff has access, but usually has no reason to view your work. If the staff does view your work it will be kept highly confidential. The only time we break confidence is if you share you are planning to hurt yourself or someone else.

What if I don't really want to do this program, my parents are making me.

We will encourage you to have your parents contact us to learn how to love and support you where you are at. Only participants that want to go through this will be accepted. There is a question in the intake that clarifies this point. Forcing anyone to do this program is unwise, foolish, and unethical.

Questions About Same-Sex Struggles

What does it mean to struggle with (same sex attractions or SSA)?

Many people who struggle with same sex attraction are seeking freedom. Taking Back Ground will give you hope and encouragement as you journey to learn about the truth for your life.

What does it mean to be ex-gay?

It's always difficult when using labels. And they don't always fit. Ex-gay simply means someone is choosing to leave unhealthy same sex behaviors and desires and embrace the convictions of celibacy or new found identity and desires.

Are people born with same sex attraction?

There are those who believe you are born gay, but for many there is an understanding that homosexuality is a result of unmet emotional and developmental needs. To identify those needs and resolve them brings freedom over unwanted desires. We will look at your family life, your upbringing, and your current relationships and see how God desires to give you new understanding and hope.

What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

Many ask if homosexuality is sin or a gift from God. It is important to take a look at God's word and see what God's plan is for human sexuality. This program will give you opportunity to look at God's word and reflect on His truth.

Can you be gay and Christian?

This is a loaded question that cannot be answered in a sentence. We encourage you, if you have questions about this, to sign up and go through this program. When the program is done, ask yourself this question again, and we believe you will know the answer.

Is Taking Back Ground about Reparative Therapy?

Portland Fellowship, www.reachtruth.com, and Taking Back Ground are not about therapy. These ministries, and this program, are designed for you to grow in relationship with the Lord and learn about your sexuality from God's perspective. It might be wise for you to seek counseling for your unwanted same sex desires and journey through this relational and informative program.